How I Can Help You

Workshop Design and Delivery

All my workshops are bespoke, designed specifically for your organisation once we have agreed the outcomes and I know something...


If you need a speaker around employee engagement, leadership or engagement then I can help. Whether it is an intimate...

Chairing and Facilitating Events

On the StrengthsFinder I come out high on: Positivity - generous with praise, quick to smile, lighthearted, and always on the...

The Engage for Success Four Enablers of Engagement

Download this checklist to help you to implement the Four Enablers of Engagement in your organisation

My Work and Interviews

Rethink Productivity Podcast – Are Employee Engagement and Productivity Linked?

Talking about employee engagement and productivity, particularly in light of the lockdown and increased home working, and discussing the link...

Enabling Employee Engagement

We talk about what does it truly mean to have employee engagement, how employers and leaders can get their employees...

Employee Engagement & Personal Productivity

We talked about employee engagement and personal productivity just as we went into lockdown in March 2020.

The Future (And Present Of Work) And How We Can Be More Effective

EFS Radio Podcast with Bruce Daisley when he was EMEA Vice President, Twitter

Balancing Engagement With A High Performance Culture

EFS Radio Podcast with Simon Grosse, CEO of Foundation SP

Create Value with Capitalism, Share it Using Marxism

EFS Radio Podcast with Simon Biltcliffe, CEO of Webmart

Taking an Evolutionary Approach to Developing Women Leaders

Mairi is an evolutionary biologist who has made it her business to help women achieve their ambitions – in work and...

How to Make Your Employee Surveys Count

I share my tips to making your survey count to turn your results into real engagement gains.

Are you a home based Coach or Consultant?

If you're feeling isolated, overwhelmed and lacking in focus and you need some help to be successful in your business whilst 'living more' - I can help you...